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Nashville, TN (August 11, 2023) - The full-length animated children's movie "Seaper Powers: Mystery of the Blue Pearls" is officially available for viewing! The film stars rapper, actor and television host Vanilla Ice as "Steve the Starfish," was directed and produced by Kim Cameron (Side FX Partners)and can be streamed on Amazon Prime, Tubi and IMDB.

PG rated and family-friendly, "Seaper Powers: Mystery of the Blue Pearls" is the sequel to the previously released movie "Seaper Powers: In Search of Bleu Jay's Treasure (2021)" and lasts 66 minutes. Both films are based on Kim's successful "Sea Life Book Series" for children.

“Kids need an outlet to feel adventure in stories again," Kim Cameron, director and producer, shares. "These films were not designed for adults, but rather kids who love exploring the mysteries of the ocean and those who love dare to dream big.”

The Dove Channel gave the film a four-star rating for integrity, stating:

"Seaper Powers: Mystery of the Blue Pearls sets out to solve a potential disaster in the ocean, where Emma comes to the rescue when she uses the special powers she has had since childhood to help uncover the truth about why the expensive pearls being sold in the market are so blue. Her bosses fear they have been contaminated by pollutants, so they send this talented oceanographer to deep sea dive for answers. Luckily Emma has a unique ability to breathe under water and communicate with sea life, so she solicits her marine friends to help her solve this mystery and catch the bad guys who are taking advantage of the situation. What she doesn’t expect is to encounter the heroic merman with a secret of his own, and when he gets hurt and needs saving, everyone has some decisions to make about what is most important.

This short film is a fun adventure that is filled with lessons about the environment including what pollution is and the damage it can cause to the oceanic ecosystem, and while these characters make good decisions, there are some opportunities to talk with children about “keeping secrets.” More so, the highlights worth focusing on include the sacrificial attitudes of all the main characters toward their friends, and the desire to help others and behave responsibly regarding the environment. This sweet and captivating story leaves the viewer on a cliffhanger, looking forward to Emma’s next adventure." -

Kim has now begun her third feature film production in the Seaper Powers series.

About Kim Cameron:

Kim Cameron is an award winning screenplay writer, singer/songwriter and filmmaker. Her musical 'Her Story' won Best New York Screenplay as well as the Amsterdam Film Festival. She has produced two documentaries (This is Kim & Carpe Musicam), a new TV series (Miami's Listening Party), and two full-length animated features, 'Seaper Powers In Search of Bleu Jay's Treasure' and 'Seaper Powers Mystery of the Blue Pearls' (currently distributed worldwide under Multivisionaire & ToonzTV), earning Kim 30+ awards for Best Soundtrack, Best Screenplay, Best Female Director, Best Trailer, and Best Animated Feature.

For more information, visit and follow Kim on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok.


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