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Nashville, TN (November 17, 2023) - Country breakout artist Byrdie Wilson recently released her new single "Where My Roots Run." You can listen to the song HERE!

With illustrative, storytelling lyrics like a mix of Sunday morning church bells and a redneck raising hell, "Where My Roots Run" is an autobiographical montage of Byrdie's life.

"This song echoes the legacy of my family, reminding me of the importance of honoring our past," Byrdie shares. "It's a testament to the strength and resilience that comes from embracing where we come from, regardless of the circumstances. Although I have northern roots, most of my experiences took place in the south when my family moved to South Carolina after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Through this melody, I celebrate the growth and transformation that has shaped me, acknowledging that our roots, no matter how challenging, have the power to inspire and define our journey."

Beginning in December, Byrdie will also be embarking on her "Where My Roots Run" mini hometown tour. She will be making a special stop at Coffee Underground in Greenville, SC, in honor of her late boyfriend, whom Byrdie lost to suicide. Proceeds from the show will benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention South Carolina (AFSPSC). Tickets are donation-based ($10-$100) and can be purchased HERE.

"Where My Roots Run" Tour Dates: 12/14 - Sweet Sippin’- Simpsonville, SC 12/15 - Bullwinkles Tavern - Simpsonville, SC 12/16 - Warehouse at Vaughn’s - Simpsonville, SC 12/18 - Warehouse at Midtown - Greenville, SC 12/19 - Coffee Underground - Greenville, SC 12/21 - 1885 Taproom - Simpsonville, SC

Byrdie will also be speaking to students at Mauldin High School about the importance of mental health. "It is often a challenge coming home because it brings back so many memories," Byrdie explains. "I'd love to turn my visit into a positive."

About Byrdie Wilson:

Born in New York and transplanted to South Carolina when she was 4 years old, Byrdie Wilson was born with a cleft palate and endured several surgeries. With the likelihood that her speech would still be impaired, countless hours and lots of sleepless nights were spent researching the best care for her to make sure she would not face the challenges that children with cleft palate and facial deformities deal with. Tears would fall on her newborn face as her mom would rock her to sleep, praying that she’d be able to talk and hear normally.

With lots of love and affection, Byrdie evolved into a sassy little six-year-old and performed in a talent show she signed herself up for. As she was getting ready, she instructed her family that they “needed to get on board because she's going to be someone!”

Working in her early years with vocal coaches Celeste Simone and American Idol coach, Michael Orland, Byrdie was prepared to work with The Peter Frampton Band's musician, singer/songwriter Rob Arthur, to produce her first three songs "Fool for You," "Stay" and "Breaking Free" in 2018.

She took a brief hiatus from music in 2019 and 2020, but it wasn't until the death of her boyfriend in November 2020 when she found solace and healing in her song writing again. Through her experience, Byrdie has become an advocate of mental health and suicide prevention. In March 2021, Byrdie found the guidance, mentorship and friendship of musician, singer/songwriter and producer Erik Halbig.

At 19, Byrdie took the leap and moved to Nashville, TN, turning up the volume on her natural-born "sass" with even more feistiness. Her single “Broadway” gained traction on TikTok with over 49K views and the song currently has over 17K streams on Spotify. She released her newest single “Where My Roots Run” on November 17, 2023, along with her second music video. For more information, visit and follow Byrdie on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Spotify.


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