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Eland Calf Now on Exhibit at Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo is thrilled to announce our six-week-old eland calf is now on exhibit in Africa Field! The baby eland, Murray, was born on May 22, 2021. Murray is the second male out of the collection of four elands at Nashville Zoo. Murray has been staying off-exhibit with his mom (Indigo) since his birth.

During birth, Indigo experienced discomfort because of Murray’s size. She was taken to our veterinary center and the veterinary staff assisted in the birthing of Murray. Both Murray and Indigo are now doing great.

Since Indigo is a first-time mother and is not familiar with nursing, keeper staff have been helping out by feeding Murray. He is now at two bottles of milk a day, and ready to go out on the field.

While feeding Murray, keepers pay particular attention to their actions and attire so the calf doesn't imprint on them. “Most antelopes recognize that we are not their mother," said Lead Hoofstock Keeper, Nikole Edmunds. "But hand-raised males have a hard time distinguising between us and mom so we do our best to limit interaction." Staff will change clothes, and refrain from making eye contact or speaking while Murray is being fed.

Elands are native to the grasslands and semi arid areas of Southeastern Africa. Though elands are not endangered in the wild, Nashville Zoo participates in the eland Species Survival Plan (SSP) to help ensure a genetically diverse captive population.

Come check out Murray on Africa Field which is also home to our ostriches, bontebok, and zebras! For more information, visit

About Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo is a nonprofit organization and an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, assuring the highest standards of animal care and husbandry. The Zoo is actively engaged in conservation research, habitat protection, breeding programs, and education initiatives around the globe as well as in our own backyard. With support from the Nashville community, donors, and sponsors including our Experience Partners: Coca-Cola Consolidated and Middle Tennessee Honda Dealers, the Zoo is a top Nashville attraction and is consistently voted one of the best places to visit by TripAdvisor, Yelp, and a host of local and national review sites. Nashville Zoo is located at 3777 Nolensville Pike. For more information about Nashville Zoo, visit

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