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FEATURE INTERVIEW: Dani Taylor Releases her Christmas Single "Does It Snow in Nashville TODAY

Why Nashville? What brought you here, and what's kept you here? I chose Nashville because it’s the home of country music. Also, I could not live in Los Angeles, I prefer smaller towns. Country music brought me here and has kept me here for almost three years. Do you have any favorite shops in or around Nashville? If so, any tips for great finds? I am an avid online shopper. However, I do love to wander into cosmic connections and browse their crystals to possibly add to my collection.

Nashville Quickfire: Favorite Downtown Restaurant: The Diner Best BBQ: Peg Leg Porker Coffee: Killebrew  Best place for date night: 404 Kitchen Hot Chicken: Hattie B’s Tacos: Saint Anejo Steak: Bourbon Steak Brewery: Nashville Brewing Company What do you like most about recording music in Nashville? I love how passionate everyone is. Nashville is the most musically passionate place in the world. Favorite lyric from "Does It Snow in Nashville"   “I wonder if the same snow that falls on you falls on me...” It’s so dreamy and I’m a sucker for metaphors.

What's your favorite Christmas memory? I love waking up extra early on Christmas. I always do. I would be so excited I could barely sleep. I was always the first one awake! My favorite memory is running downstairs to get my stocking and sorting through the goodies Santa left for me.

What’s your idea of a good Christmas Dinner? Ham, scalloped potatoes, my family’s 300-year-old potato yeast roll recipe, homemade gravy, green bean casserole, and of course ricotta cheese cookies for dessert. Do you have a favorite Christmas album? Carrie Underwood's new “My Gift” album. She’s such an amazing vocalist and she really brought to life those beautiful Christmas songs! Do you have any favorite traditions or favorite movies for the holiday season? As a kid I loved the Rudolph claymation movie, but now I love "It’s a Wonderful Life". It’s also my dad's favorite Christmas movie. What's been your favorite album of 2020? Lauren Alaina's "Getting Good"! She’s a great vocalist and I love how uplifting her songs are. What are your hopes for 2021? Any exciting plans? My hopes for 2021 are to be able to sing live shows and possibly tour if it becomes safe to do so. My plans are to release my next single off my EP in January called “Table For One Drinking For Two.” The EP is set to be released in February of 2021 and I also will be releasing a cinematic music video along with the EP for the featured track “Midnight Cowgirl”. At the end of the day, what do you hope is the message of your music? What do you hope people take away from your songs? The message of my music is to make people happy and to uplift them. I hope people take away many things from my songs, I have a wide array of subjects that I write about and I have a little bit of everything from love to heartbreak, to finding yourself to being single and happy, and more. I want people to listen to my songs when they feel like they need someone to listen to them. I want them to listen to my songs just like how I listen to music. I listen to sad songs when I want to get through my sadness and I listen to happy songs when I want to be even happier. Music is always there for every emotion and situation in life. There is a song for everything. And I hope to be someone’s song for whatever they’re going through.

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