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HAYD Releases New Track "Closure" Today

Today, Michigan-born singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Hayd, releases his brand-new track entitled “Closure”. Hayd has been teasing the song on Tik Tok and is already approaching 10 million views pre-release. Following his single “Changes”, which has amassed over 24 million streams worldwide, “Closure” is about moving on from a failed relationship and is a continuation of Hayd’s signature mellow style with brutally honest and emotional lyrics, and raw vocals, accompanied by melodic piano and guitar. “Closure” is available now at all digital retail providers via Interscope Records.

Click HERE to watch the lyric video.

Hayd says about “Closure”, “Most songs about failed relationships are centered around the deep sadness that follows a breakup but oftentimes I think they miss the feeling of confusion that happens too. We ask questions like, ‘Could I have done anything better?’ or ‘Were we right for each other?’ After a heartbreak you can find yourself in a state of constant questioning and the song really came out of that emotion. Sometimes things end and you’re left with more questions than answers. You’re left with no real sense of closure.”

About Hayd

Every song allows Hayd to pen another page of his own story. Much like an author, the Michigan-born singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer crystallizes life’s most important moments with unfiltered candor set to a warm soundtrack of sparse piano and guitar. In order to bring this vision to life, Hayd watched hundreds of hours of YouTube production tutorials and immersed himself in recording as a kid. While enrolled in a local Michigan community college, he continued to write and produce out of his bedroom. Fashioning a vivid and vibrant signature style, he received early support from influential curator 7Clouds and independent label and distributor Proximity. His 2019 debut single “Vacant Eyes” broke the million-stream mark followed by fan favorites “Superhero” at 6.4 million Spotify streams and “Suffocate” at over 6.67 million Spotify streams. After snippets went viral, his 2020 single “Changes” has racked up over 24 million streams worldwide and set the stage for more. On his forthcoming debut for Interscope Records, Hayd continues to open up with each subsequent chapter now.

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