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Kasey Burton's Bound to Drown Out Today!

Broken and lost, the artist gets real on what it's like to fall in love in the midst of chaos. Sharing her internal struggle, the singer takes us on a journey of reflection and contemplation, asking questions like “If our love was built on shaky ground, how can we stop the rain from pouring down?”. With a hypnotic vibe, and killer lyrics like “we all know no reason for leaving ain’t reason to stay”, Bound to Drown is Bound to capture attention.

Kasey Burton is an emerging artist from Indiana with an absolute love for performing and making music. She splits her time performing and writing between Indiana and Nashville, where she earned her degree in songwriting and studied under well known songwriter Kim McLean. Kasey has a long history of performing and writing, some highlighted performances include: Phases of the Moon Festival, Chicago House of Blues, both the Indiana and Illinois State Fairs, an opening spot for legendary rock and roll artist Henry Lee Summer, and she has recently landed herself an opening spot for Diamond Rio at their upcoming April 24th show.

Find Kasey on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and her Website

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