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New Years “Resolution” Cocktails at 21c Museum Hotel Nashville’s Gray & Dudley

Resolution Cocktails From Gray and Dudley

Struggling with Dry January but still want to work towards your New Year's goals? Sip your way to success with the new ‘Resolution' cocktail collection, inspired by popular ambitions that folks set out to accomplish in the new year. From ‘Fall in Love’ and ’Travel Somewhere Tropical’ to ‘Quit Smoking’ and ‘Get A Promotion’ - there is something for everyone to stay inspired through these chilly winter months.

Fall in Love

Fall In Love

Menu Description: akvavit, biscotti liqueur, amaro

Drink in all the deliciousness of the “Fall in Love” cocktail, a potion concocted with akvavit, biscotti liqueur, and amaro that will have you falling head over heels.

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Menu Description: mezcal, beet shrub, mint, lime

"Quit Smoking” is our mezcal-based solution to one of the most popular Resolutions. Beet shrub, mint, and lime combine with the smoky spirit to pack a punch that still goes down easy.

Travel Somewhere Topical

Menu Description: Jamaican rum, Benedictine, lime, nutmeg

The days are finally starting to get a little longer, and it's got us daydreaming of our next warm-weather getaway. Enter "Travel Somewhere Tropical," the Resolution built with Jamaican rum, Benedictine, lime, and nutmeg, to get us in a sunnier state of mind (and locale).

Get A Promotion

Get A Promotion

Menu Description: Angel’s Envy bourbon, scotch, lemon, all-spice dram

Work hard and play harder with the "Get A Promotion" Resolution cocktail. Made with Angel's Envy bourbon, scotch, lemon, and all-spice dram.

Waste Less

Waste Less

Menu Description: vodka, dry vermouth, cocchi americano, savory

Sure, the saying goes "Waste not, want not." But you're definitely going to want this "Waste Less" Resolution cocktail at the top of your list. Vodka, dry vermouth, cocchi americano, with an herbaceous garden garnish.

Smile At Strangers

Menu Description:

Coffee liqueur, Campari, dry vermouth, crème de cacao

Crafted with Mr. Black cold brew liqueur, Campari, Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth, and Giffard’s crème de cacao, “Smile at Strangers” will have you feeling so good you’ll be flashing those pearly whites to everyone you see.

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