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'Ozlem’s Turkish Table' :Shares Turkish Recipes & Raise Funds for Earthquake Victims in Turkey

Ozlem’s Turkish Table: Award-Winning Cookbook Shares Authentic, Easy-to-Follow Turkish Recipes and Raises Funds to Help Earthquake Victims in Turkey

Written by Ozlem Warren, “Ozlem’s Turkish Table” was named “Best in the World” at the 2020 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Heritage for Turkey and received an Honorary Mention at the 2020 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards. This book shares easy-to-follow authentic Turkish recipes and, with the current fundraising efforts from Warren, aims to raise funds to help those who were devastated by the recent earthquake in Turkey.

Turkish cuisine is a rich and diverse culinary tradition that has left an indelible mark on the modern world. From the Middle East to Europe, Turkish cuisine has been widely embraced for its unique blend of flavours and ingredients. It has had a significant impact on the modern world, from its influence on neighbouring cuisines to its popularity as a healthy and delicious option worldwide. Its rich cultural heritage and diverse range of flavours and ingredients have made it a beloved and important culinary tradition that continues to thrive and evolve to this day. In her award-winning cookbook, Ozlem’s Turkish Table: Recipes from My Homeland, author Ozlem Warren shares several authentic Turkish recipes that are easy to follow. This book is a love letter from Warren to all the people who enjoy Turkish cuisine, those who plan to explore the history and culture of Turkey through food, and to her beloved home country.

Furthermore, Warren has launched a fundraising initiative for the victims of the recent earthquake in Turkey. Warren, who lost relatives and whose 450-year-old family home in Antakya was devastated by the disaster, donated 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her signed copies of Ozlem’s Turkish Table purchased from the UK in February to the Turkey Mozaik Foundation. This UK charity is working to transfer funds directly to support Turkey’s earthquake relief efforts. Warren has since pledged 25%, until further notice, to Turkey earthquake relief. To date, over 300 signed copies have been sold, raising a total of £8,496.00 for the cause. Warren’s generous initiative demonstrates her unwavering commitment to supporting those affected by this tragic event.


Cook, teacher, and author Özlem Warren’s cookbook is a love letter to the always fresh, incredibly varied cuisine of Turkey—which is most often savoured around a table with family and friends. Warren shares some of her favourite recipes from her hometown of Antioch, Antakya, throughout its pages, such as dried baked apricots with walnuts; Turkish flat breads with spinach, feta, and peppers, peynirli pide; and homemade red pepper paste, biber salçasi—all of which are inspired by the rich lands of southern Turkey. Warren has loved food since she was a child—her mother and grandmother would cook lunch each day to be enjoyed in her courtyard surrounded by fig trees, and Antakya’s cuisine is bursting with aromatic herbs, bold spices, hearty grains like bulgur and freekeh and simple flavourings like olive oil and molasses. It’s inspired by ancient traditions and has influences from Ottoman, Arabic, and French cuisines. In this book are some of Warren’s own favourite Turkish recipes, each lovingly made and passed down from her grandmother to her parents and now to her own family’s table.

The book aims to take readers on a journey to learn, taste, and enjoy the delicious foods of Turkey while experiencing the warmth and sharing spirit of Turkish culture. Turkish cuisine is based on seasonal fresh produce, making it healthy, delicious, affordable, and easy to make. The book also offers substitutes for speciality ingredients for those living abroad. Turkish hospitality is highlighted through personal stories and the typical Turkish table setting, with family and friends gathering around an abundance of food. The book also includes a section on a typical Turkish meal and the importance of mealtimes in Turkish culture.

Reviews of the book have been excellent. One Amazon reviewer states, “Great cookbook, recipes are written well so even a person unfamiliar with Turkish cuisine can understand and there are lots of photos. I really appreciate that the book uses both metric and imperial systems, so I don't have to re-calculate everything.”

“Once I started reading this book, my interest was kindled in a way that I wanted to dwell deeper into it. It’s written with a love for the cuisine culture and knowledge of one’s own country. It’s not only about Turkish recipes but also the source of the ingredients and the preparation of the particular spices that add to the lovely recipes. The recipes are easy to follow and when one reads them you can feel the love for each dish and the effort put in to relate about the taste and the presentation. A wonderful book for a person who loves to cook! Thankyou, Ozlem, for this great gift of and knowledge of your Turkish cuisine and culture.” Another reader shares their experience with the book.

Further review of the book reads, “I lived in Turkey for 10years, so these recipes brought back wonderful memories. The recipes are very clear and easy to follow. I made the mercimek corba today, and it was delicious. If you enjoy Turkish food, this is a must have book.”


Born and raised in Turkey, Ozlem Warren is passionate about sharing the historical and cultural riches of her homeland through its cuisine. Her journey into the culinary world started on a different continent and a long way from her homeland. In 2005, she joined Central Market Cooking School in Texas teaching Turkish cookery classes as a guest chef in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. Then, her family moved to England in 2009 prompting her to launch her Turkish recipe blog Ozlem’s Turkish Table so she could connect with Turkish food lovers around the world. Ten years on and her love for Turkish cuisine has opened up new and exciting opportunities for her teaching classes at JA University in Amman, Jordan; London’s Divertimenti Cookery School, Blid and Hatton Gatherings, and the Istanbul Culinary Institute in Istanbul. She has been teaching in Turkey, England, Jordan, and the USA for more than 10 years. Her award-winning debut cookbook Özlem's Turkish Table: Recipes from My Homeland is a tribute to her southern Turkish roots, including local recipes from her hometown Antioch, Antakya.

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