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Post Meridiem Spirit Co. is now available in Tennessee

The Southeast’s first canned cocktail company brings quality, ready-to-drink beverages

Post Meridiem Spirit Co. cocktails are now available in Middle and East Tennessee, announced owners Andrew Rodbell and Charles Sain. The quality ingredient, full-strength canned cocktails launched in Georgia in May 2019, followed by expansion into Alabama and South Carolina.

With an emphasis on retailers in Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville, Post Meridiem Spirit Co cocktails are available throughout Middle and East Tennessee, with distribution by Lipman Brothers. A list of retailers is available on the company’s website, which is updated in real time as new retailers are confirmed.

“We could not be more excited to report that 50 retailers welcomed our cocktails aboard in the first week,” said Rodbell. “Our projections show rapid growth and by the end of November, people can expect to see Post Meridiem cocktails in their favorite liquor stores. And if you don’t see us, ask for us.”

Post Meridiem Spirit Co. cocktails retail for $3.99 for 100ml single serve cans. The five classic cocktail varieties are each made with quality ingredients at the proper proportions, using distilled spirits, imported liqueurs, carefully matched bitters, and 100% real citrus juice.

Post Meridiem Spirit Co. does all manufacturing in house at its headquarters in Atlanta, making it the first canned cocktail company in Georgia and the Southeast. The drinks are blended and canned in novel 100lm steel-walled cans. Post Meridiem created the first full line of 100ml canned cocktails in the country, and the first and only manufacturer of single-serve margaritas made with 100% real lime juice.

“We deliberately developed versions of classic cocktails with recognizable, high-quality ingredients, so all that’s left for people to do is shake, pour over ice, and enjoy,” said Rodbell. “These are delicious, portable versions of timeless cocktails, and while they’re premixed, they taste just like a bartender mixed it in front of you. Full-strength cocktails are now as accessible and convenient as beer and wine for your enjoyment at home and gatherings.”

Post Meridiem Spirit Co. was founded in 2017 when two longtime friends were attending a yacht rock concert and noticed a lack of quality cocktails.

“We looked around and saw that there was a real gap in quality and taste between ready-to-drink cocktails and bar-made cocktails,” said Rodbell. “The idea for a quality, ready-to-drink cocktail was born. Transparency is key and we proudly display the ingredients for each cocktail on the cans, but most of all, the drinks are delicious and refreshing.”

Post Meridiem Spirit Co. products include:

The Real Lime Juice Margarita

27.5% ALC/VOL, 55 Proof

1 2/3 oz Silver Tequila

1 oz Orange Curacao

3/4oz 100% Real Lime Juice

The Double Old Fashioned

37% ALC/VOL, 74 Proof

3 oz Straight Bourbon Whiskey

4 Dashes Blend of Three Bitters

1/3 oz Demerara Syrup

Orange Zest Oil

The Lemongrass Vodka Gimlet

25% ALC/VOL, 50 Proof

2 oz Vodka

2/3 oz 100% Real Lime Juice

2/3 oz Cane Sugar Syrup

The 1944 Mai Tai

23.5% ALC/VOL, 47 Proof

1 1/2 oz Blend of Caribbean Rums

3/4 oz 100% Real Lime Juice

2/3 oz Orange Curacao

1/2 oz Almond Orgeat

The Hemingway Daiquiri

27% ALC/VOL, 54 Proof

2 oz Silver & West Indies Rums

1/3 oz Italian Maraschino Liqueur

2/3 oz 100% Real Lime Juice

1/3 oz Cane Sugar Syrup

Each of the five cocktails medaled at both the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Competition and the SIP International Spirits Competition.


The Post Meridiem Spirit Co. was founded in 2017 by partners Andrew Rodbell and Charles Sain. They couldn’t find a quality cocktail to enjoy while attending a concert, so the longtime friends turned that moment of frustration into a mission to create the most delicious and authentic premixed cocktails available. Their backgrounds in both entrepreneurial ventures and Fortune 100 corporations guided them in the development of award-winning, hand-crafted cocktails made with premium spirits and genuine ingredients, including 100% real lime juice. The drinks are sold in novel, single-serve 100mL steel-walled cans and range from 24% to 37% alcohol-by-volume. The line is available in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee in hundreds of retail outlets including liquor stores, hotels and music venues, and is distributed through National Distributing Company, Inc., Republic National Distributing Company, LLC., and Lipman Brothers. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, where all blending and canning is done in house. For more information, please visit Post Meridiem Spirit Co online, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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