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Prep Your Home For Holiday Hosting With These Products

This holiday season, save yourself the time and stress of hosting. We curated a list of all the essentials you’ll need to be the hostess with the mostess and keep your guest impressed!

LectroFan Micro2 Sound Machine + Bluetooth Speaker ($34.95): Keep your guests entertained AND well rested with the LectroFan Micro2. They'll want to take this all-in-one sleep sound machine and portable Bluetooth speaker with them everywhere they go. Pair it with a smartphone for streaming audio and making calls with the built-in microphone, or select sleep sound mode and enjoy your choice of five digital fan sounds, four variations of white, pink and brown noise, and two ocean surf sounds. Available on Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Leather Honey ($43.99): Before they arrive, refresh your leather furniture with Leather Honey. From the couch to the car interior to your favorite leather shoes, and everything in between, Leather Honey keeps leather looking brand new. The non-toxic, water repelling formula offers 6 months of protection. The easy-to-apply formula is natural, safe, made of high-quality ingredients and makes your leather last longer. Safe for kids and pets, Leather Honey soaks into leather’s pores, hydrating the individual fibers of the leather and providing a water-repellent barrier that prolongs its life. Also available on Amazon (with over 47,000 reviews).

Mary’s Mixers ($12.99+): Greet them with a handcrafted drink using Mary’s Mixers. Home to 7 different cocktail mixers that are fantastically delicious, Mary’s Mixers are inspired by ingredients that are meticulously selected, fresh, 100% all-natural and organic and flavors that have been acquired around the globe. Founder Greg Dorros spent over a decade perfecting his bloody mary mix, the first and most beloved mix of the lineup. His Original Bloody Mary Mix is also a three-year running, Gold Medal Winner & Platinum Best In Show at the International Drunken Tomato Awards! ​​Using over twenty different ingredients, Greg takes the time to make his proprietary pickle brine in-house to create a depth in flavor you cannot find in any other bloody mary. With every cocktail in the Mary’s Mixers lineup, there is a similar story of painstakingly detailed care taken to develop incomparable, delectable blends with no additives, no preservatives and no added colors. Also available on Amazon, Etsy & HSN.

CHi Foods ($11.99): For the health-conscious guests who don’t eat meat, there’s CHi Foods. The first certified organic line of plant-based meats, CHi Foods is a healthy alternative made with real ingredients. It’s rich, it’s meaty, and it’s full of umami. CHi Foods’ star ingredient is the CHi Nut (aka the Sacha Inchi Nut) — a protein packed superfood nut rich in plant-based Omega 3s. These nuts are sourced from Southeast Asia where the CHi Foods crew works with local village leaders to create sustainable economic solutions. Launching with 3 flavors of plant-based ground pork, those looking to eat and feel better will out and out salivate over the CHi-Rizo, Italian Herb and OG Ground Pork flavors. Packed with 11 g of complete protein, all products are Keto-friendly, Paleo-friendly, zero net carbs, top 9 allergen free, and incredibly delicious. Also available at Sprouts nationwide.

Stone+Lain (Price Varies): Give each meal a luxe touch that’ll have your visitors oohing and ahhing with Stone+Lain. More than just dish ware, Stone+Lain craft experiences out of porcelain, china, and stone. Their plates and bowls come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes as they are all about offering high-quality tableware that’s also highly-affordable. Stone+Lain believes that a formal or casual table moment should be priceless, not pricey. From dreamy marbled designs to sleek minimalist motifs, Stone+Lain appeals to all personal preferences with a vast array of unique and eye-catching settings. Porcelain, stoneware, bone china...they are the destination for tableware. Also available on Amazon + Retailers Nationwide.

HIJINX ($9.99+): With so many personal preferences, it can be hard to cater dessert for each of your guests... But not with HIJINX! Have a fun night creating your own flavors of ice cream with your visitors with HIJINX. Whatever amazingly bizarre concoction you can think of is possible with this DIY ice cream powder! To make your own signature ice cream, blend your favorite cocktail, food, coffee, hot sauce, whatever, with HIJINX - add water or milk, and freeze! From the classic to the exotic, the sky’s the limit on the signature ice cream varieties you can make yourself - all you need is a blender and your hungry imagination to make ANY flavor of ice cream. The woman-owned brand is the latest reinvention of ice cream, a treat that’s been around for thousands of years.

Colsen Fire Pits ($74.96+): Give your guests the instant cozy ambiance of a real fire with Colsen Fire Pits and leave the smoke and clean up behind. The eco-friendly fire pits are easy to light and extinguish. Simply use rubbing alcohol to get that fire going! Just be sure to have proper ventilation. Made from temperature-resistant concrete for an enhanced, safe, smokeless, and odor-free experience. The modern, portable designs go with today’s decor and offer an easy way to stage an inviting atmosphere for quiet moments alone or while celebrating with loved ones. Also available on Amazon.

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