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Nashville, TN (September 8, 2023) - Multi-award winning songwriter, saxophonist, producer and recording artist Suzanne Grzanna (Sax Diva®) recently released "The Cat's Meow Anniversary Album." You can listen to it HERE!

Track Listing: 1.1887 XO 2. Kiss XO 3. Ennui XO 4. Thinking of You XO 5. By the Fireside XO 6. Mystery Man XO 7. The Cat’s Meow (Anniversary Edition) 8. Cedar Lodge XO 9. Little Valentine XO “The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album” showcases Suzanne’s dynamic range and ability to blend smooth jazz with soulful tones. This album takes listeners on a delightful journey through a landscape of emotions. From sultry saxophone solos to catchy vocal rhythms, this album is a perfect blend of modern jazz and classic influences. Suzanne’s distinct style and heartfelt compositions create an experience that leaves listeners yearning for more.

About Suzanne Grzanna:

Suzanne Grzanna is an award winning songwriter, saxophonist, vocalist, arranger, producer and music publisher who has released many albums on her label, Diva Records, and has recorded over ninety songs. Her music has been featured in many films and played on radio stations across the globe. Suzanne has performed for many music festivals and private events and loves connecting with fans. She is also a member of theRecording Academy, SAG-AFTRA, Society of Composers & Lyricists, and Guild of Music Supervisors (Friend).

A performer from a very young age, Suzanne sang and played piano in her family band, playing jazz, rock and dance music. She gained further experience playing in her high school band and singing in her high school choir. While in college she not only performed with the jazz band, but also with the school’s symphonic orchestra and a Christian rock group. She also sang with the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus for many years, starting at the age of 18. After attending Wisconsin Lutheran College and earning a music degree from Carroll University, she formed her jazz quartet and immediately started a busy performance schedule, and she has not slowed down since.

In early 2023, Suzanne released a dance song under Sax Diva® titled “Running Past the Line” (#2 on iTunes) with Kim Cameron and released her newest jazz vocal album titled “The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album” on September 8, 2023 (#7 in US Pre-Sales and #1 in UK Pre-sales iTunes), which was mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio by Jeff Silverman.

In addition, Suzanne has collaborated with numerous artists and has won many awards, including Hollywood Music and Media Awards, "Best Artist" from Indie Music Channel Awards, UK Songwriting Awards, Hollywood Songwriting Awards, Academia Music Awards, Clouzine Music Awards, and Josie Music Awards, to name a few. Her music has also been featured in several films and television shows. For more information, visit and follow Suzanne on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.


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