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Souly Us - Release New Single "Everything Has Changed"

On The Rise Australian Country Duo Souly Us release their new single "Everything Has Changed" today and is available on all digital and streaming platforms:

Everything Has Changed" Exclusively Premiered onCountry Sway . "Everything Has Changed" was recorded in Souly Us' home studio while under lockdown during the pandemic. The inspiration of their single is to bring a message of hope and perseverance for the new year. Despite the pandemic, the duo has been working hard on their music and have been celebrating multiple nominations in the Australian Country Music industry. Their music video will debut on CMT (Australia) on December 15, 2020 and will be released in the US, January 2021.

This is the duo's first release in the US. They might be from "down under" but their music, vocal talent and song writing are as 'American' as apple pie, with strong Country/Americana roots. Kate and Ben bring their authentic romantic vibes to their music with a passionate energy. Their music connects deeply with their audience in a way that truly reflects the story of their relationship. Ben and Kate clearly enjoy sharing their music with the world and hope their listeners will experience "Everything Has Changed" in a way that is indeed a change for the better!

“Everything Has Changed” combines their Country sound with folk and indie influence to create a truly unique and captivating soundscape. As impressive as their lyrics are, the instrumentation of this track is stellar. From acoustic guitar to clean ambient electric guitar work along with great percussion, we get to experience the "Australian" country music presentation.

In the second verse, Kate states “everything will be alright”, which perfectly compliments the relaxed groove and textures supporting the message. The ambient textures and calming melodies could definitely be compared to something you would hear from The 70's Country Music Era. “Everything Has Changed” is the perfect song to put in headphones, close your eyes, and get lost in an ocean of upbeat vibes. Ironically Kate and Ben reside in beautiful Victoria and are blessed to make their music with a perfectly peaceful and blissful ocean landscape.

Kate and Ben share, "So much had changed in such a short period of time. Change is a natural part of life. Every second in every minute things are changing. 2020 brought with it, a LOT of change. We wanted to write a song to reflect that. The fact that the whole world right now is going through an immense amount of change. This is all new territory for every single one of us right now. We are just taking it day by day and praying for a cure. Praying for something to come along that will allow us to live ‘normally’ again. This song speaks to that change."

The single was mixed and mastered by Grammy nominated producer Marc DeSisco from LA.

Connect with Souly Us: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube

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