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Steep Echo Crafts The Finest Olive Leaf Tea For a New Enriching Drinking Experience

Enjoy a Soothing Ritual With Steep Echo,

Olive Leaf Tea Boosting With Flavor and Benefits

Steep Echo is different from any tea you’ve most likely experienced. Their line is made with olive tea leaves, leaving you with unique flavors that encourage you to drink up and come back for more. The compound Oleuropein makes this type of tea richer in nutrients, powerful antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties than green or black tea. It naturally boosts your immunity with every sip.

Since ancient times, olive trees have been linked to numerous health benefits. Give yourself the pleasure of taking a break and enjoying a cup for pure all-natural goodness and relaxation. The teas are made with olive leaves grown and hand-harvested from the trees of the Bel Lavoro family orchard in Santa Barbara, California, home to a unique collection of olive groves.

Tea time has gotten a makeover. Check out the caffeine-free collection plus the recipes below to detox, boost immunity, and relax. It’s a ritual you’ll enjoy daily.

  • Ascent ($15) - A refreshing blend of antioxidant-rich organic olive leaf mingled with the spice of cinnamon that finishes with the smooth touch of vanilla and monk fruit. Pairs great with Spiced Apple Rye Cake.

  • Bloom ($15) - Leads with the fresh taste of herbs and peppermint and provides tasty hints of cranberry and licorice root. This medium-bodied tea is delicious served hot or iced, created to strengthen immune defenses and soothe throats during the cold and allergy season. Enjoy it in a Bloom Gin Gimlet cocktail.

  • Hush ($15) - Employed as a digestive aid, Hush restores the spirit with a calming blend of organic olive leaf and the finest botanicals that soothe and aid in healthy digestion. With spicy ginger, calming papaya, and peppermint, put a new spin on a Hot Toddy.

  • Repose ($15) - This floral blend is light-bodied, luxurious in smell, feel, and taste, and promotes rest and relaxation. The distinctive blend highlights the finest organic olive leaf combined with natural botanicals, chamomile, and rose. Repose pairs well with honey, afternoon treats, and of course, a good book.

  • Tend ($15) - An antioxidant heavyweight, it is a fruity, medium-bodied blend that is delicious hot or cold. The perfect added ingredient for frozen treats and tea-infused recipes, Tend is a flavorful blend of the finest organic olive leaf, corn silk, and couch grass. With notes of lemon myrtle, mango, and pomegranate, it’s a versatile blend that pairs well with your daily salads, seafood, and light meals.

  • Comfort, Wellness, and Renewal CuratedBlend Boxes are also available ($45) - perfect for gift-giving.

Each premium box is made to last and serve as functional and decorative storage for your home. For those wishing to re-use their existing boxes, refill packages of three pouches, each with twelve sachets, are available.

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