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The 6 1 5 Featuring Kenny Curcio

Kenny Curcio is from Medford, NJ, and splits his time between Nashville, NJ, and down the east coast to Florida playing music and writing songs. He started playing guitar when he was twelve and started writing songs in high school and college. He would describe his sound as blues-rock and country, with some reggae and Motown influences. When in Nashville you can find him playing on Broadway with his band or at a writers round on Music Row.

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Kenny Curcio's Top Six

What makes Nashville special to you? The support from other artists and songwriters. There is so much opportunity to grow. In addition, there is a lot of history in Nashville, and it makes you appreciate being an artist and a fan of music. It’s easy to become inspired because everyone here has a lot of passion for what they do, and you never know who you are going to meet!

How would you say your hometown of Medford differs from Nashville? Medford is a bit more laid-back than Nashville. There are a lot of lakes and pine trees in Medford, whereas Nashville has more hills and more music. Nashville is Music City for a reason, so there's a lot more excitement and energy when you're in town! Both are special to me!

Say you had a completely free day in Nashville—no work allowed. What would you be doing?

If I had a day off, I would probably check out a new part of town or see a live band or writers round. If it were football season, I would go to a Titans game. I haven’t been to the stadium yet but I heard it's awesome!

If someone is coming to Nashville for the first time, where do you take them? I would take them to Broadway and Music Row first. Then, I would take them to the Grand Ole Opry and Music Valley. Scoreboard Bar & Grill has great BBQ and live music so that's always a go-to. The Listening Room Cafe is also one of my favorite venues so we would go there too!

Who have been some of your biggest musical influences growing up and do the same artists currently continue to influence you now? The biggest influences on my music growing up were artists within the rock, classic rock, blues rock, and Motown genres. My Dad listened to CCR, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bob Seger, and the occasional Sinatra when he was in the recliner. So I like those artists along with Skynyrd, Tom Petty, Stevie Ray, Stevie Wonder, GnR, Sublime, and many more. I then got into 90s country with Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, and then the modern country artists like Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen along with Billy Currington and Eric Church. So growing up I had a mix of classic rock, rock, some Motown, and now country. I love blues music and that is where a lot of the music of today comes from, so I take a piece of all the influences and make it my own which is a lot of fun.

Do you have a favorite music venue? The Listening Room Cafe

One Thing About Nashville

How has Nashville influenced your music? Since being a part of the Nashville community for four years, I feel I have grown as a songwriter and live performer. There are so many talented artists and songwriters in town, and I do my best to surround myself with those I can continue to learn from. In addition, performing in town and meeting with industry pro’s has built my confidence as an artist.

Five Favorites

Favorite museum? Johnny Cash Museum

What grocery stores do you shop at? Kroger

Favorite Nashville Chef? The Chef at The Row Kitchen & Pub. Great food!

Best place to grab a beer? Live Oak and Tin Roof

Best Broadway bar? Whiskey Bent and Bootleggers

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