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The 6 1 5 Featuring MNERVA

MNERVA talks too much and isn’t afraid to admit it. With his witty lyrics, honest delivery, and energetic production, MNERVA has forged his own lane in the Alternative scene by fusing his rock, hip hop, and musical theatre influences into a cohesive sound. Originally hailing from Germantown, Maryland, MNERVA moved to Nashville in 2015 to hone his craft and debuted as a hip-hop artist in early 2020 after going viral by writing a jukebox musical based on the catalog of twenty-one pilots. But after enduring the Covid-19 pandemic, MNERVA embraced his rock background and began opening up about his struggles with mental health and his fear of the future. The result is his debut EP, Talk Too Much, available this October, a bombastic culmination of five years of personal hardships and self-discovery.


Most under-rated thing about Nashville? Obviously Nashville is known as a country town but people don’t give this city’s rock, hip hop, and punk scenes nearly enough credit. In the last year, the scene has grown so much and I am super excited to be a part of it and start growing this city’s reputation for pioneering other genres of music!

How would you say your hometown of Germantown, MD differs from Nashville? I grew up in a Maryland superb an hour out from DC and I was unable to ever be spontaneous living there. Everything was at least 25 minutes away so I had to plan out my day a lot more and couldn’t say yes to impromptu plans for the sake of time. But living in the heart of Nashville, I can bounce from one event or show to the next because the city is so compact. Also, there’s always some kind of event happening somewhere in the city so I am never bored living here and feel like I’ve found a community of like-minded people who understand and support my creative journey.

Say you had a completely free day in Nashville—no work allowed. What would you be doing? If I’m not allowed to do work for a day in Nashville, I would spend it going on a hike at either Percy Priest or Radnor Lake and then grab some headphones and a blanket and listen to music on the lawn of Centennial Park. From there, I would try to hit a local show at either the 5 Spot, the End, or Exit/Inn and then end my day by inviting some friends over to chill at my apartment complex.

What are some of your favorite Nashville restaurants? My favorite restaurants in Nashville would have to be Otaku Ramen, McDougal’s, Virago, and Edleys. Most people don’t realize just how much diverse food here is in this city and that Nashville is so much more than just southern comfort food. I never leave a meal unsatisfied living in this city.

Is there a place you haven't eaten you have been dying to go? I actually have yet to go to get Prince’s Hot Chicken in all my years living here so I need to fix that immediately!

If someone is coming to Nashville for the first time, where do you take them? For first time visitors, I always take people to Otaku Ramen to eat something truly unique to Nashville and then usually bring people to Centennial Park to catch up. They typically always want to check out Broadway but I try to steer my visitors to less touristy venues such as Mercy Lounge, Exit/Inn or The End for live music.

One Thing About Nashville

What is one way Nashville has influenced your music? Moving to Nashville transformed me from a mediocre songwriter into the artist I am today. I learned very quickly that my lyrics were not up to snuff from comparing myself to my peers and spent years diving into analyzing hip hop, pop, and even country lyrics to see what made them hit an emotional core. If I hadn’t moved to Nashville, I probably wouldn’t be nearly as passionate about storytelling and not hold myself to a high lyrically standard when writing songs.

Five Favorites

What’s your favorite place to go for ice cream in Nashville? Jeni’s Ice Cream

What’s your favorite place for breakfast in Nashville? Biscuit Love

Do you have a favorite music venue? The End

Best Steak? Kayne Prime

Favorite place to go on date night? Escape Room

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