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The 6 1 5 Featuring Molly Lovette

With over half a million combined streams just on Spotify, numerous TV appearances, radio placement, music videos airing on The Country Network and a Forbes feature already under her belt, Molly is showing a different side with her latest emotional single Break a Heart. Following the success of her previous sassy and female empowerment releases, she is showing a more vulnerable side with this tender and emotionally-rich vocals. This song is not your ordinary breakup song. “This is a song about being on the other side of a breakup - being the one having to break up with someone else, and how that can be just as hard,” says Molly.

This St. Louis native has combined her childhood love of country music with her talent for writing relatable lyrics to create a mature and refreshing sound within the country genre. With musical influences including Taylor Swift, Maren Morris, and Carrie Underwood, Molly aspires to embody the beauty, power and grace her idols have so effortlessly portrayed to their fans. With her natural gift for writing real and raw lyrics, a supportive team behind her, and the confidence to put her all into her music, Molly is ready to take the world by storm and win the hearts of country listeners everywhere.

Molly Lovette's Top Six

How would you say your hometown of St. Louis differs from Nashville? St. Louis does have a great music scene, but nothing beats Nashville! Live music all day everyday pretty much wherever you go!

Say you had a completely free day in Nashville—no work allowed. What would you be doing? I would go downtown and just LISTEN to music outside or on a rooftop with friends and a drink in my hand!

Business meeting with Brickshore Media at The Grilled Cheeserie

What are some of your favorite Nashville restaurants? The Grilled Cheeserie, Taco Mamacita, The Row, McNamara’s Irish Pub

Is there a place you haven't eaten you have been dying to go? Blanco Cocina Cantina - it just opened at Fifth + Broadway!

Buffalo Exchange jacket

Of course we love your style, any favorite Nashville shops? Buffalo Exchange - it’s a thrift store with

super trendy items. I actually got the red leather jacket I wore for the Lovin’ You shoot from there!

If someone is coming to Nashville for the first time, where do you take them? I always take Nashville newbies to Broadway! It is the “tourist spot,” and everyone should get to experience it.

One Thing About Nashville

What is one way Nashville has influenced your music? Before moving to Nashville, I didn’t really

co-write with anyone. After meeting so many other songwriters in Nashville, I’m co-writing a ton, which I think has helped me become a better writer.

Five Favorites

What’s your favorite place to go for ice cream in Nashville? Legendairy Milkshake Bar

What’s your favorite place for breakfast in Nashville? Pancake Pantry

Do you have a favorite music venue? The Listening Room

Favorite grocery store to shop? Kroger

Best Broadway bar? Even before I moved to Nashville, my family has always loved the second floor of Rippys!

Playing the Listening Room

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