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The Country Note Premieres New Video, "His Last Chance" From The Lloyd Carter Band's Debut Album, No

Country newcomer, Lloyd Carter, is excited to announce the recent release of his debut album, Nothing to Lose, on August 15, 2020. Co-written by the talented songwriter, the album features eleven stand-out tracks including, “It’s Friday Night” featuring Colt Ford. Produced and engineered by music industry veteran Gary Dibenedetto at Studio D Recordings in Georgia, the album is already receiving radio airplay. Fans can get an exclusive look at the new single, "His Last Chance" that premiered on The Country Note TODAY! The album is available for streaming and download on all major platforms as well as physical copies at

Chart-topping country star, Colt Ford commented, “I really loved being a part of a song that is so much who I am. The best part is getting to work with Lloyd who has been a part of my career from the beginning. I think people are gonna love this album.” “The guys and I love making music, and we’re so proud of this entire album," stated Carter. "Every song on this whole record is a page out of Gary Dibenedetto's, Henry McGill's, and my life. We are so appreciative of people that take the time to listen to our songs. 2020 has been a rough year taking away the live performances for all artists. I’m praying for the day we get through this so we can go out and see our fans face-to-face again in a show."   He spoke more about his debut album in interviews with Nashville Noise, Country Sway, Music Update Central, Grubs and Grooves, and his hometown newspaper, The Valdosta Times. Fans can watch live performances of their favorite songs on Americana Highways and Music of the Future. Nothing to Lose Track List: 1. “Nothing to Lose”  2. “Live Life Well” 3. “Autumn Leaves”  4. “Come Dance With Me”  5. “That Baby Will Run”  6. “Can’t Never Could”  7. “Better Days”  8. “It’s Friday Night” Featuring Colt Ford  9. “His Last Chance”  10. “When We Say Goodbye”  11. “Hand You Hold” 

Praise for Nothing to Lose: Lloyd’s got an exceptional voice & a ton of songwriting talent – between his own organic self-taught instincts and the immaculate amount of character & tone he sings with, not only will he impress your ears right off the bat with “Nothing To Lose,” but he’ll go on to prove that bringing his A-game when the studio lights come on & it’s time to record, comes completely naturally to him throughout this solid lineup of songs. Jeremy, Sleeping Bag Studios There's no doubt that the Georgian songster has natural affluence for captivating his audience with his lyrical prowess. BuzzMusic For a full-length album that’s been 30 years in the making, Carter makes his debut to audiences with style. The uncompromising mixture of old school and new school creates a record that’s as dynamic as the artist who made it happen. Nothing to Lose is the storybook record that every listener, both young and old, can relate to. If Carter sought to prove anything it’s that “you’re never too old to follow your dream and what you love doing for others to see. Trenton Luber, Roots Magazine

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