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The Salsa You Will Want to Add to Everything!

In a sea of red salsas available at grocery stores and online, Sam’s Famous Salsa stands above the rest because, with every bite, you can truly taste and appreciate the hearty, crisp flavors of this authentic Hispanic salsa. Only using the freshest produce and a state-of-the-art cold pasteurization process called HPP, other salsas on the market are mostly heat pasteurized and cooked at 145 degrees. This causes the product to lose its fresh taste and then the need for shelf-life extenders, flavorings, or fillers. Not Sam’s! There is no vinegar, xantham gum, or stabilizers added. Non-GMO, low sodium, and Gluten-free certified, Sam’s Famous Salsa is the real deal.

Chef Sam Derr was taught his family’s salsa recipe that dates back well over 100 years ago. The recipe originated from the Tarahumara Indian tribe with heavy Hispanic, Latino, and Native American flavors that were picked up as his family traveled north several generations ago.

Sam’s is that kind of salsa you’ll want to add to everything! Eggs, chili, grain bowls, grilled meats, and seafood. The possibilities are endless!

Sam’s Famous Salsa Mild: The perfect choice to satisfy any palate, they dialed back the spice but kept all of the flavor to bring hungry tummies a simple, refreshing, and classic salsa.

Sam’s Famous Salsa Medium: If you’re ready to spice things up a bit more, the medium salsa can fulfill the need for a hint of heat. Dig into the same honest ingredients with an added kick of spice.

Sam’s Famous Salsa Hot: The hot salsa is packed with a punch that brings a whole new level of flavor to the table. With the zing that every spice lover craves, you won’t be able to stop from grabbing another (or ten) more scoops.

Salsa savants can grab a 3 pack for $15.00, 6 for $25.00 and 12 containers of deliciousness for $45.00 and true aficionados love the convenience of a monthly subscription.

Visit for more information and join the salsa soiree on Instagram & Facebook.

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