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"YOU'RE EXHAUSTING" to Beth Crowley in New Single

Beth Crowley continues to craft stories that are unique and relatable with her new single "YOU'RE EXHAUSTING." With over 20 MILLION STREAMS on Spotify, Beth Crowley consistently creates songs that are irresistible to her formidable audience. Crowley released the new single today on all digital and streaming outlets and premiered the track with Celeb Secrets.

To stream or download "YOU'RE EXHAUSTING", click here. In pop artist Beth Crowley’s new summer 2021 single, “You’re Exhausting”, she paints a picture we all know too well: finally having enough of someone. With self-empowering lyrics, breezy and summery production, and a strong voice, this song will make you want to hop in the car, roll the windows down, and drive through the summer streets blasting it on repeat- because aren’t we all exhausted from someone?

Crowley, averaging more than 374,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and having over 140,000 YouTube subscribers, is no stranger to releasing feel-good songs, and “You’re Exhausting” is no different. Lyrics include, “You don’t care what I’ve been through/Cause you had it harder/I gave you so much/But you act like the martyr”, touching on relationships we all have dealt with, whether it being friendships, relationships, or anything in between. Crowley illustrates an image of a friend giving so much to a relationship but not receiving anything back and always having to be the supporter, but never being supported in return, which is simply, as the song says, exhausting.

What Crowley does so successfully, however, is turn what could be a negative experience into a powerful, empowering song encouraging us to break free from the chains of a toxic relationship.

"YOU"RE EXHAUSTING" Written by Beth Crowley Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Dennis Recorded at Prime Cut Studio Connect with Beth Crowley Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Spotify Apple Music

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