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The 6 1 5 Featuring Brandon Bing

Brandon Bing's Top Six

What makes Nashville special to you? There is so much history that has been made of the years in Nashville through country music, but deeper than that it’s the environment. Playing in writers rounds to test songs on different audiences to see what people are receptive to and the relationships that I get to build with other great musicians, songwriters, and artists shows me everyday how much work I have to put in. There is so much talent and you just have to work your ass out and find yourself to carve out your own niche. That’s what makes Nashville special to me.

How would you say your hometown of Samsula differs from Nashville? We have less than 5k people. You have better chances of making friends with a cow then a person. A literal one light town full of down home Florida culture, blue collar, great church community, and farming. It’s a great slow down from the hustle and bustle. Makes your appreciate people and time, where Nashville is non stop in the moment.

Say you had a completely free day in Nashville—no work allowed. What would you be doing? Go to Old Hickory and play some golf or hit the lake. Come back into town and have lunch on 12 South. Get together with friends later grab some drinks during happy hour, hit a Sounds game, or hit a writers round at Live Oak, The Local, or Whiskey Jam depending on day of the week. Grab dinner at E3 Chophouse. Then hang out in Midtown at Losers and Red Door to finish off the night with friends.

What are some of your favorite Nashville restaurants? I like E3 Chophouse, The Tavern, Husk, The Local, Edley’s BBQ, Etch, Sedona Taps, Kayne Prime, The Pub just name a few.

Of course we love your style, any favorite Nashville shops? Lucchese, Gibson Garage, and other than that hit some of the stores if I’m looking for some clothes out in Green Hills.

If someone is coming to Nashville for the first time, where do you take them? I take them to Midtown and expose them to the songwriting experience. Good food, good people, good music, and a good time.

One Thing About Nashville

What one thing that excites you most about the Nashville music scene right now? The one thing about the Nashville music scene that excites me is the incorporation of the Texas/ western music scene to the writing rooms at publishing houses and the willingness to start the next era/ generation of country music. There has been a 15 to 20-year period of pop or bro-country and I feel that Nashville is slowly starting to see the change to a more traditional storytelling style again. I’m excited to be a part of this next generation of country music storytellers by contributing my works/ catalog and expressing the connection to my audiences in live performances. Hoss Nation.

Five Favorites

What’s your favorite place for breakfast in Nashville? Pancake Pantry

Do you have a favorite music venue? Winners/ Losers - Whiskey Jam, The Local for Porch Light Pickers/ Freakshow, and Love Oak for all the rounds during the week

Favorite place to go on date night? E3 Chophouse

Favorite museum? Country Music Hall of Fame

Best place to grab a beer? Ol’ Smokey


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Instagram: @brandonbingmusic

Twitter: @thehossmusic

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