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The 6 1 5 Featuring Christopher Griffiths

Christopher Griffiths is a musician and multi-tool for aspiring artists. He says, "I play Rockstar between naps and lunch. Like Garfield if he was the bassist for Will Hoge."

Christopher Griffiths Top Six

What makes Nashville special to you? I love Nashville’s melting pot nature. Everyone is from somewhere else, and they bring their own little piece of culture to this town while giving in and discovering Nashville’s own beauty and charm. If you go to any sports bar on a Sunday you will never see the same jersey twice. I love that.

Most under-rated thing about Nashville? The Frist! I don’t think most outside people would name Nashville as an artistic epicenter, but it is such a lovely place to learn about art and discover new artists. I really love that place. Really almost anything you would want in Nashville is at the tips of your fingers.

Say you had a completely free day in Nashville—no work allowed. What would you be doing? I would probably start with a kayak ride on the Stoney river, then I would slip over to east Nashville for lunch and some record shopping. I’d meet some friends for drinks and maybe go bowling or Top Golf, then catch an early matinee of comedy. After that some fine dining at one of our beautiful restaurants and a rock show at the Exit/In.

What are some of your favorite Nashville restaurants? I like Husk quite a bit, they have an elevated rural style of cooking I enjoy. The Red Phone Booth is perfect for cocktails and cigars, but I wouldn’t skip out on their pizza. The Smiling Elephant is a fun cultural experience and has great Thai food. And Baby Huey’s burgers are high on my list.

If someone is coming to Nashville for the first time, where do you take them? Mitchell’s Deli for sandwiches because it is great food and the kind of atmosphere that allows you to plan a beautiful day.

One Thing About Nashville

What one thing that excites you most about the Nashville music scene right now? Well right now it’s in a state of upheaval. There are a lot of great rock bands and singer/songwriters. So many good indie artists to check out. They even have bands at the Taco Bell.

Five Favorites

What’s your favorite place to go for ice cream in Nashville? Jeni’s ice cream. Crazy flavors.

Do you have a favorite music venue? 3rd and Lindsley has always been at the top of my list.

Favorite place to go on date night? My wife and I tend to really enjoy 5 Points in East and a bar crawl through there. Craft cocktails and great food are a good start to a long night.

Best place to grab a beer? Vinyl Tap in East Nashville

Best Broadway bar? I like Crossroads. It’s very chill with a incredible staff.

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