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The 6 1 5 Featuring Debbie Cochran

With musical roots in Alabama, Texas and Arkansas, Debbie and her family would gather around the piano singing their original songs and beautiful harmonies. Throughout her musical journey, Debbie learned to play the piano, mountain dulcimer, acoustic guitar and bass guitar while honing her talents as a songwriter. Her style would be described as a golden gospel voice with traditional country undertones. 2021 marks a decade long partnership with Kent Wells guiding her projects across the Christian, Country and Holiday genres with her latest release Simplify currently available at all online retails.

Debbie Cochran's Top Six

What makes Nashville special to you? Nashville is like family to me. I grew up with the sound of the Grand Ole’ Opry playing on the radio. Mom would sing along and sometimes yodel. My siblings and I wondered if that was another language.(LOL!) Around the dinner table, Mom and Dad would talk about the Opry Stars as if they were kinfolk. It was a movie in my mind.

What are some of your favorite Nashville restaurants? My publicist Brittney took me to Sperry's and that place became one of my favorites. Also, I really enjoy the Wildhorse Saloon. It has such a great stage and who doesn't love line dancing. I was letting my hair down as they say.

If someone is coming to Nashville for the first time, I would take them to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The day I toured the museum, tears filled my eyes as I gazed upon the memorabilia. I revisited the past and fell in love with the history of country music.

On My Free Day: My husband and I would take the RV out to Music Valley Drive close to the Grand Ole Opry. The last show we attended before Covid19; Charlie Daniels was on stage. I will miss seeing him and his amazing talent the next time I travel music highway. I remember my first time attending the Grand Ole Opry show with mom and dad. When we walked through the doors, the outside world didn’t exist anymore.

How would you say your hometown of Batesville differs from Nashville? I’m a mountain girl at heart. I love the mountains. Batesville is a small community nestled in the Ozark Mountain Region. I was born in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Anniston, Ala. That is the same beautiful landscape traveling through Nashville. I even wrote a song traveling through the Smokies titled “I’m a Happy Soul”. So, the mountains are smaller in Batesville, but the best view comes from the toughest climb. I’m still climbing the mountain of my music journey. In 2009, my husband built a stage in an historic 1800’s two-story building downtown on Main Street Batesville. His purpose was to make me feel as though I was on that “Nashville Stage”, hoping it would satisfy and settle down those wild desires of the Nashville Scene. We would showcase local talent on Friday nights. I met the most wonderful people. But, my dream of singing, writing songs and telling my story was still lighting a pathway down music highway. Nashville is the home of legendary country music artists and a concert that never ends. Batesville is a steppingstone to rhinestones sparkling in the lights.

Is there a place you haven't eaten you have been dying to go? The Loveless Cafe. I have heard they have some of the best southern food and biscuits in the area.

One Thing About Nashville

Nashville was the home of the Grand Ole Opry reaching through the hills of Alabama where I was born. The radio played throughout the walls of our home. As a young girl, I thought Nashville was a city on a hilltop that we only dreamed about. Little did I know that my dream would take wings the day I walked into the KWP studio to meet Kent Wells. I’ve been recording with Kent since October of 2010. It was his very words “It’s Never Too Late” that inspired my first album and song titled “It’s Never Too Late”, which received the DisCovery Award given by Robert K Oermann, Music Row Journalist. The spirit of Nashville dwells within my heart.

Five Favorites

Date night: Blue Bird Café was our anniversary date before Covid19. I love the atmosphere and listening to the performances on songwriter’s night.

Breakfast: I love Cracker Barrel pancakes.

Museum: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Best Steak: Sperry's

Do you have a favorite music venue? Beyond the Bluebird Cafe, I have always dreamed of playing the Opry or the Ryman.

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